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3 charged after raids on massage parlors

Aug 17, 2017 | Sex Offenses

It has been reported that Florida authorities rescued two people who were said to be victims of human trafficking after an investigation was launched into several massage parlors. As a result of the investigation, three women were taken into custody.

Authorities opened investigations into the allegations in January after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip about potential human trafficking occurring at the massage parlors. Authorities raided several Miami Beach massage parlors on Aug. 11. However, the investigation was still ongoing with the help of federal immigration authorities.

One of the accused women was charged with prostitution. A second woman was charged with benefiting from the proceeds of prostitution. The third woman was charged with human trafficking. Florida reportedly has the nation’s third-highest number of reported human trafficking cases.

The consequences for convictions on sex crimes can range from a lengthy prison sentence and fines to being required to register as a sex offender. This punishment in particular makes it very difficult to live a normal life as it can prevent a person from living in certain areas or working at certain jobs.

There are a variety of defense options for those who are accused of human trafficking or other similar crimes. If there are no credible witnesses or there is a lack of physical evidence, for example, an attorney could fight to have the case dismissed altogether or seek reduced charges. Further, if an attorney finds that the evidence the prosecution has against a person was illegally obtained or the person’s rights were otherwise violated, the charges could potentially be dismissed.

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