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Man who allegedly streamed robbery faces federal crimes charges

Jan 13, 2017 | Federal Crimes

It may be that, at times, people dream of coming into a great deal of money and wonder about how they will spend it all. However, the majority of people would not consider doing anything that could eventually end with them being arrested and charged with federal crimes. One Florida man recently appeared to have made such a decision, and he was eventually detained and placed under arrest by police.

The strange case began when the man purportedly coerced another man to drive him to a local financial building. Once there, the 35-year-old then allegedly robbed the credit union, most of which was supposedly shown live on a social media site. As the two drove away, the driver, who claimed to be a hostage, continued to film the man live. The two men next headed to South Beach.

Once they arrived, they purportedly began to hand out the money that was allegedly stolen from the bank to passers-by. The driver of the vehicle is alleged to have made a call at some point threatening to detonate a bomb. Florida officials caught up with the pair while they were still in the South Beach area.

Authorities released the driver after they had interrogated him. The first man, however, is facing some serious allegations of having committed federal crimes in connection with the alleged bank robbery. The FBI has not stated the exact nature of the allegations the man is facing. He is entitled to work closely with his attorney in order to create the best defense in his current situation. 

Source: Miami Herald, “The man who robbed a bank live on Facebook is charged, FBI says“, Joey Flechas, Jan. 10, 2017


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