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2 indicted by Federal grand jury on federal drug charges

Dec 24, 2015 | Drug Charges

Two men from Charlotte County were recently arrested on drug charges. Federal agents suspect the two were functioning as distributors of methamphetamine throughout Charlotte County. When individuals in Florida are accused of federal drug charges, they typically consult a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending against these types of accusations.

The DEA’s Fort Myers resident office as well as the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit worked together on a coordinated investigation into one of the men, beginning in 2014. Authorities say that the man was responsible for distributing multi-pound quantities of methamphetamine throughout Charlotte County as well as other, surrounding counties. The second suspect allegedly assisted him by receiving the drug in addition to using surveillance as well as counter-surveillance in an effort to deter law enforcement.

The two agencies obtained search warrants for the two men’s homes as well as their cell phones. They say this yielded the probable cause that the two were involved in both the possession and sale of the drug. A federal grand jury indicted them on Dec. 9 for conspiring with the intent to distribute.

The two men who stand accused of these crimes will be legally entitled to a focused criminal defense and separate representation by an attorney of their choice for the upcoming legal proceedings. Government prosecutors must prove three elements in order to successfully prosecute a case like this including the fact that there was an arrangement to violate a drug law, each conspirator knew about the agreement and there must have been one act taken in order to further the conspiracy. If convicted, the nature of the penalty is contingent upon the amount of meth that was involved — if it was more than 50 grams, the sentence could be a 10 year to life sentence. As most cases involving federal drug charges typically have a long period of investigation as well as evidence collection, so those facing these accusations in Florida are strongly advised to consider consulting a seasoned federal criminal attorney.

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