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Father Given Two Life Sentences For Sexually Abusing Children

Jan 21, 2014 | Sex Offenses

Sarah and Jonathan Adleta were charged for various crimes, including the making of child pornography with their two children. The couple had sexually abused their two young children over a span of approximately 4 years before charges were filed. Jonathan Adleta had always talked about his “daddy-daughter sex” fantasies, even before the two were married and had children. Jonathan Adleta was sentenced to two life terms at the beginning of January 2014 so he could never hurt the children again.

Sarah and Jonathan Adleta tied the knot in 2010 after Sarah had given birth to their daughter in March 2009. However, their marriage was not fully based on love and commitment. Instead, it was made on a condition; a condition that Jonathan Adleta would only marry Sarah if she allowed him to fulfill his twisted fantasy one day. Jonathan had frequently talked about his “fantasy” while the two were dating, which involved sexual situations between fathers and daughters. Sarah later admitted that she had been willing to do whatever it took to be with him, even if that meant marrying a man that could one day partake in these “daddy-daughter sex” fantasies.

In 2013, both Sarah and Jonathan Adleta were charged for various crimes. Sarah was sentenced to 54 years in prison for making child pornography with her husband and their two children. Jonathan Adleta was found guilty of charges of conspiracy and transporting minors across a state line to engage in a sexual act. Sarah Adleta chose to plead guilty and then became the key witness against her ex-husband.

Jonathan Adleta’s trial painted the horrific picture of what happened to his children. He had abused them personally, and he had also abused them via Skype. Jonathan Adleta would order his wife to sexually abuse the children while he recorded it on Skype, because they were living in another state. He would then distribute the images of the acts as child pornography.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Adleta did not stop. In 2012, he met another woman named Samantha Bryant who had a 4-year old daughter. Bryant allowed Adleta to molest her daughter while she filmed it.

After being found guilty in 2013, Jonathan Adleta was sentenced to two life terms at the beginning of January 2014. The U.S. District Judge that overheard his sentencing hearing disclosed that Adleta was given the two life terms partly because Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. thought he would offend again if released.


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