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Month: January 2014

When Is Sexting Considered Child Pornography?

Two years ago, a youth from Pennsylvania felt relief when a Legigh County judge agreed with the girl's attorney about charges she faced. The girl had been faced with child porn charges after she posted a video showing two other teens engaged in a sex act. The Legigh...

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Sex Sting Leads to The Arrest of 35

While the residents of Tampa and the surrounding areas enjoyed Gasparilla, 35 other men looked for enjoyment somewhere else. Websites such as teenchat.com, boyahoy.com, and motherless.com were some of websites these men were using to look for young girls. These men...

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From First Degree Murder to Mail Fraud

A 27 year old woman lost her unborn child when boyfriend John Andrew Welden gave her a fraudulent prescription for a drug called Cytotec. A drug commonly used to prevent ulcers is also used, in combination with another drug, to terminate pregnancies. Welden was first...

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Counsel’s Failure to Object Cost Client Jail Time

Edwin Aguilar-Ibarra pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a Hobbs Act robbery and the commission of a Hobbs Act robbery and was sentenced to 87-months. Prior to his sentencing, his defense counsel failed to make timely objections to the presentence investigation...

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Couple Faces 30 Years for $15 Million Bank Fraud

Darryl Burke first entered the federal system in the 1990s when he pleaded guilty to a prior bank fraud conspiracy with his brother. Now, 25 years later, Burke faces 30 years in prison if convicted of the new charges against him. However, the scheme behind these new...

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