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Accused of a DUI? Your reputation (and wallet) is on the line

Jun 7, 2013 | Criminal Defense

When a Tampa resident is arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving, there are a lot of things to consider in the coming days and weeks. First of all, the accused person wants to get out of jail — so they have to deal with bail. Then they have to get their car back, followed by a court visit. Depending on what happens in court, a fine associated with the DUI could be paid. In the wake of the court appearance, the person will likely require DUI classes.

The hits keep coming, as the individual’s license will need to be reinstated; then, finally, you have to deal with your insurance, which will almost certainly go up. What do you think all of this costs?

In general, a DUI defendant ends up paying $15,000 because of the charge; even first-timers can pay as much as $10,000. Where do these costs come from? Usually from sources the DUI defendant doesn’t consider. For example, you have to pay for the DUI classes on your own; on average, a DUI defendant’s insurance will increase 19 percent; and there will be numerous fees and fines to pay for the procedural aspects surrounding the DUI charge.

When you are accused of driving under the influence or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, there is a lot at stake. Your personal reputation can be ruined; your job may be on the line and, ultimately, your professional reputation would take a hit. However, do not overlook the financial side of a drunk driving charge. It is vital to vigorously defend these charges from the get-go, to try to minimize the damage in these areas.

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