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Florida may ban new synthetic drugs

Feb 16, 2013 | Drug Charges

Last year, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi issued an Emergency Rule that banned 22 substances used to make synthetic drugs like K2, Spice and bath salts. She intended that rule to get those drugs off the shelves in the stores where they were being sold legally.

The Emergency Rule is a temporary measure designed to control the substances until the Florida Legislature can pass a law. Now a Florida Senate committee is considering the matter and Bondi appeared at the session to speak in favor of the bill.

A proposed bill would outlaw those 22 substances in Florida’s criminal code. It passed through the Senate Criminal Justice Committee unanimously and is several steps away from the Senate floor. Some lawmakers want to expand the bill’s scope to include other drugs like anabolic steroids but its supporters want to keep it narrowly focused.

This proposed legislation would affect drug policy in the state of Florida, but many drug charges can be brought on a federal level as well. Those convicted of offenses involving synthetic drugs or other controlled substances may face severe penalties such as a federal prison sentence or a lasting criminal record.

If you are facing criminal accusations or charges related to a drug offense, it is important to act quickly and decisively to make sure your rights are protected in the criminal justice system. Consider speaking with a criminal defense attorney experienced in state and federal drug charges. He or she can work with you to assess the charges against you, build a strong defense and pursue the best possible result.

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