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Month: February 2013

Florida docs see more False Claims Act action: part one

Doctors, nurses and other health care providers in Florida may face a higher likelihood of fraud accusations or investigations in light of a new law. Federal law enforcement officials have been applying new scrutiny to health care professionals over their coding,...

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IRS paid out $125M to whistleblowers in 2012

Last week we discussed the popularity of tax refund fraud in Florida and efforts by state law enforcement officials to combat fraudulent tax returns. Those crimes are also being fought on a federal law. The IRS recently released a report showing that they paid out a...

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Florida may ban new synthetic drugs

Last year, Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi issued an Emergency Rule that banned 22 substances used to make synthetic drugs like K2, Spice and bath salts. She intended that rule to get those drugs off the shelves in the stores where they were being sold...

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Florida prepares to go after tax refund fraud

It's the time of the year when people begin submitting their tax returns and waiting for that refund. Particularly after the holidays, that extra bit of money is much appreciated and can go a long way.However, sometimes shooting for a large tax refund can come back to...

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Marijuana arrests beat violent crime by 24 percent

More than half of the Americans who responded to a recent survey supported the legalization of marijuana, believing it should be regulated like alcohol and tobacco. It is clear that attitudes about marijuana are changing throughout the country. For example, two states...

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