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2 clinics shut down in South Florida insurance fraud bust

Dec 19, 2012 | Fraud

Miami Police shut down two local clinics last week, both of which have been accused of facilitating auto insurance fraud. Law enforcement officials went undercover in both clinics to gather evidence that led to charges.

Auto insurance fraud is sometimes facilitated by clinics that recruit people to participate in staged auto accidents. They then file insurance claims for damages that were not actually incurred, giving the participant a cut.

The Secret Service, the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and insurance agencies assisted Miami law enforcement officials in the crackdown. These groups have been focusing on auto insurance fraud, enforcement because they say it raises the price of insurance for other motorists and leads to more uninsured motorists on the road.

In addition to shutting down the clinics, the police arrested several suspects allegedly involved in the ring. The suspects include a receptionist at one clinic and a man accused of being the “ringleader” of the operation. In similar cases, suspects have faced charges of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Businesses that are suspected of involvement in similar crimes can face more than just traditional criminal penalties. Individuals who played a role can not only face charges and jail time, but also lose their professional licenses or have action taken against their businesses.

If you have been accused of a crime or are facing charges, consider speaking with an experienced criminal law attorney as soon as possible. They can help you fight the charges, build a defense and protect your personal and business interests.

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