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Report of marijuana smell leads to drug charges

Aug 8, 2018 | Drug Charges

A 27-year-old Florida man is facing a raft of drug charges after being confronted by police for smoking marijuana inside a Melbourne medical center. Police allegedly discovered cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia during a search of the man’s backpack. Reports indicate that he was transported to the Brevard County jail for processing and his bond has been set at $73,500.

According to media accounts, officers from the Melbourne Police Department were dispatched to the Brevard Health Alliance facility on Sarno Road at approximately 12:30 p.m. Emergency dispatchers are said to have received a call from one of the hospital’s security guards who claimed to have detected the odor of marijuana in a public bathroom. Police say that they observed the man exiting a stall when they entered the bathroom in question.

Officers say that they took the man into custody and conducted a search after noticing the smell of marijuana on his clothing. Police believe that the way the drugs were packaged suggests that the man intended to sell them. A set of digital scales, several hypodermic needles and a number of plastic straws were also found in the man’s backpack according to reports.

The urge to cooperate can be strong when individuals face serious state drug charges and the prospect of decades of incarceration, but experienced criminal defense attorneys may advise those in such situations to remain silent until they have spoken with a lawyer. Narcotics cases are sometimes dismissed because police officers strayed beyond strict constitutional boundaries, and even evidence that is gathered after search warrants have been issued may be challenged in certain situations.

Source: The Palm Bay Daily, “Melbourne man busted with cocaine, heroin inside Brevard Health Alliance”, Scott Lee, Aug. 7, 2018


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