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Month: July 2017

A closer look at embezzlement charges

Thanks to the nightly news, as well as popular television and film, there are certain white collar crimes with which people are naturally familiar from wire fraud and bribery to counterfeiting and identity theft.While comprehension of the law at any level is always a...

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AG Sessions looking to expand asset forfeiture

As we've discussed at length on our blog, Jeff Sessions has not only been busy establishing the priorities of the Department of Justice going forward, but also undoing some of the policies put in place by his predecessors since taking on the mantle of U.S. Attorney...

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What is mortgage fraud and how can you avoid it?

When most people think of mortgage fraud, they probably imagine a would-be homeowner who lies on the application for a mortgage. Perhaps someone claims a home is worth more than it is, or maybe a potential borrower set up a fake phone number to claim income higher...

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