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Month: February 2016

It Doesn’t Take Much To Be A Sex Offender

Scumbag.Pervert.Loser.Miscreant.The list could go on for thousands of words if we were to gather the insults hurled at convicted sex offenders or even suspected sex offenders. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal because they deserve it, right?Wrong. And if you...

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Welcome To Sex Offender City

WFTV9 recently had a story that detailed a "sex offender city" in Pahokee, FL that provides a place of residence for released sex offenders who would otherwise have nowhere to go.While it's great that someone is finding solutions to prevent homelessness for people who...

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Former Vol Charged With Sex Crimes In Florida

According to the Washington Post, a former University of Tennessee football player has been charged with a sex crime in Florida:"Mack Crowder, who played in 11 games as an offensive lineman for the University of Tennessee football team last season, was arrested in...

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Defending against reemployment benefits fraud

Last time, we mentioned a bill that aims to impose stricter penalties on those convicted of unemployment benefit fraud. As we noted last time, unemployment benefits fraud is characterized by knowingly making false statements or failing to disclose material facts to...

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