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Month: August 2015

Can I have my criminal record erased? P.2

In our first post on the expungement process, we began by pointing out both the significant impact a criminal record can have on an offender's life, particularly in obtaining housing and employment, and that there are limitations as to what criminal records may be...

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Can I have my criminal record erased?

When an individual faces criminal charges, one of the main concerns of a criminal defense attorney is to see to it that prosecutors are doing their job correctly and that the defendant's rights are protected. Minimizing the consequences of criminal charges is the...

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High rate of fraud in Florida an unfortunate reality

Fraud is ubiquitous in the United States, and law enforcement officials at both the federal and state level have their work cut out for them in trying to stop it. It is fairly well known, though, that the state of Florida is a hot spot for fraud activity of all kinds....

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