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October 2014 Archives

Florida high court rules police must have warrant to track suspect’s cell phone location

When police conduct criminal investigations, they cannot do whatever they want. Police are bound by rules which aim to protect the rights of those suspected of criminal activity. One of these important rights is that of privacy. Among the rules intended to protect suspect’s right to privacy is the well-known warrant requirement.

Work with an experienced attorney to minimize consequences of fraud charges

Criminal defense is not always a matter of attempting to avoid all criminal liability. In fact, many cases of criminal defense involve minimizing the consequences of criminal charges by ensuring that prosecutors are able to provide sufficient evidence to support each and every charge. This is an important task in criminal defense, because without some sort of check on the work of prosecutors, many defendants would suffer worse consequences than they deserve under the law.

Jersey shore star charged with tax fraud, pleads not guilty

Last month, Mike Sorrentino—formerly “The Situation” on the reality series Jersey Shore—pleaded not guilty to charges of tax evasion allegedly involving $8.9 million between 2010 and 2012. Sorrentino, along with his brother Marc, were specifically charged with failing to report income on both business and personal income tax returns.

Home health providers not charged in connection with impersonation scam

Health care fraud can come in a variety of forms and can involve a variety of types of medical practitioners and workers, but it can also involve more unusual situations where there is no medical worker at all. A case out of Tampa is just such a case, involving as it does a man who has been indicted for posing as a social worker. The man had reportedly been hired at two New Port Richey home health care companies which routinely submitted claims for Medicare services.

Woman sues federal agent over drug investigation tactics

Police officers and criminal investigators at both the state and federal level have broad authority and discretion in the investigation of criminal activity. Officers can and do employ a wide variety of tactics to gather incriminating information. Officers do not, however, have authority to do whatever they want. There are limits to what tactics they can employ during investigations and failure to stay within those limits can and should be met with a legal response.

Florida medical marijuana amendment promises protection from state criminal liability

Florida readers are aware that they will be voting next month on Amendment 2, a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. Amendment 2 would make cannabis legal for use by qualifying patients or personal caregivers, meaning they are protected from criminal and civil penalties. Physicians who prescribe medical marijuana would be protected from penalties as well, provided they prescribe the drug for qualifying conditions. Neither would registered medical marijuana treatment centers be penalized.

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