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Florida State student arrested for drug offenses after vehicle search

Sep 10, 2014 | Drug Charges

A Florida State University student was reportedly arrested on Monday and cited with various drug offenses after Louisiana State Troopers stopped the vehicle and conducted a search in Bossier Parish. The search was apparently conducted because of a tip that the vehicle was transporting illegal narcotics. Prior to conducting the search, police reportedly asked for permission to search the vehicle and were told they could not. They eventually got their way regardless.

Upon searching, officers found over 10 pounds of marijuana in the trunk as well as food products infused with marijuana. As a result of the search, the young man was cited with possession with intent to distribute Schedule 1 narcotics and simple possession of Schedule 1 narcotics. These are obviously serious offenses, and the young defendant would be wise to work with an experienced attorney in building a strong defense case. 

Without commenting specifically on this case, the issue of search and seizure is quite an important one in criminal defense, particularly in cases involving drug charges. In order for police to successfully present incriminating evidence at trial, it is important that the evidence have been obtained properly and be free of the taint of illegal search.

Search issues are not uncommon in drug cases. There are various ways these issues can come up, but police searches of vehicles are certainly an area where officers don’t always proceed properly. When an officer conducts an illegal search and obtains incriminating evidence, a criminal defendant has the right to seek appropriate legal remedies. Doing so with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney ensure that one’s interests are represented at trial.

Source: Ksla.com, “Traffic stop on I20 in Bossier City yields trunk full of pot & drug-infused snacks,” September 8, 2014. 


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