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Month: April 2014

Will a defense of insanity work?

Julie Schenecker, a woman from New Tampa, faces the trial that will determine the rest of her life today. Schenecker had been found lying on the patio of her New Tampa home in 2011, with blood on her hands and bathrobe. Her two children were also found that day: her...

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Clemency program set to expand

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have announced a new plan to expand the availability of clemency for drug offenders. The change in policy is one of many that the Obama administration has taken to ease the harsh penalties faced by those charged with...

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Can you face the death penalty for a drug charge?

Federal officials have indicted 27 people in a drug conspiracy case. Unfortunately for these individuals, drug conspiracy is not the only charge they face. The conspiracy case also involves homicide, money laundering and sale of heroin, crack and more than 650 pounds...

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Inadequate defense leads to new trial

A lawyer is facing professional sanctions after his services to a client accused of murder who was facing the death sentence were so inadequate the defendant was entitled to a new trial. The lawyer had represented only three prior murder defendants and had never tried...

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When will a stay of execution be granted?

Convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells was executed last Thursday after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to issue a stay to consider his lawyers' bid for more information on the drugs that would be used to kill him. A stay of execution is a court order that...

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