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Month: August 2012

Protesting Was Peaceful at the RNC in Tampa

The media had predicted chaos in the form of protestors at this year's Republican National Convention in Tampa. However, the only chaos which occurred outside the convention hall took the form of Hurricane Isaac.At past conventions, scores of protestors have been...

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The Consequences of White Collar Crime

Law enforcement officials in Florida recently began a crackdown on white collar crimes including financial and investment scams. Since taking office in 2010, the current Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida has led the effort to combat white...

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Mortgage Fraud: Florida Is Number One

Florida is once again ranked number one on the nationwide mortgage fraud index. The Sunshine State has had the highest spot on the mortgage fraud index for four of the last five quarters, according to Mortgage Daily. The index is based upon the number of active...

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