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Federal Crimes Archives

Federal Crimes Sentencing Changes in Drug Laws

Following up on his recent proposals to reduce the use of mandatory minimum sentences in federal drug crimes involving non-violent, low-level drug offenders, United States Attorney General Eric Holder has now issued a new directive to all Assistant United States Attorneys advising them how to apply the new policies retroactively.

Federal Crimes Sentencing Guidelines Career Offender Status

Regarding the federal crimes sentencing guidelines career offender designation, the Eleventh Circuit holds that a youthful offender eighteen years or older who pleads guilty and is adjudicated is considered to have sustained a conviction for purposes of the Guidelines career offender enhancement, even if state law does not consider him "convicted."

Who Knew Joining the 'Mile High Club' Was a Federal Offense?

Joining the infamous "Mile High Club" -- having sex on an airplane -- may seem like a thrill for some, but getting caught will not be pleasant, as one couple recently discovered. A man and woman were arrested in June after allegedly engaging in sexual behavior on an Allegiant Air flight.

Florida Defendants Challenge Asset Forfeitures in Federal Crimes

In 2007, a grand jury indicted a husband-and-wife pair of medical equipment sales representatives for federal offenses including conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. Apparently, when hospitals bought new medical equipment, many were only too happy to let the sales reps take the used equipment away. Since their employers didn't want it, the reps resold the equipment on the "gray market" in Florida.

Federal judge calls out SEC's disparate, murky enforcement policy

Five years have passed since 2008's devastating financial meltdown, and the anniversary has prompted many pundits to ask why so few of the main players on Wall Street and among the big banks have faced federal criminal charges. Few if any top executives have been charged with securities fraud, even when the Securities and Exchange Commission apparently had substantial evidence of wrongdoing. Instead, the SEC has typically dealt with these organizations and their leaders through civil enforcement actions.

Bills may cut mandatory minimum sentences for some federal crimes

Two bills currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee and at least one in the House of Representatives -- all bipartisan -- are taking aim at our nation's current sentencing policy. In particular, the three proposals seek to curtail the cost and injustice of mandatory minimum sentencing in federal crimes.

Tampa bomb maker faces federal charges

It's worth pointing out that not all crimes begin with nefarious intentions. In many cases, defendants accused of causing harm are shocked to find themselves facing criminal charges. It's the job of a criminal defense attorney to accurately and convincingly present a client's case in court so the defendant is treated fairly.

Is the Florida psychic case fraud, a business dispute or racism?

Federal prosecutors have indicted a Fort Lauderdale psychic advisor on 15 counts of conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and tax offenses, even after two prior attempts to charge her were rejected by federal magistrates and criticized as "shameful" and "slipshod." Prosecutors were forced to drop several federal charges and reduce the alleged financial losses -- and the remaining case could be tainted by the main complainant's close ties to police and a reasonable claim of anti-Roma bias.

More than 2,000 convictions for federal crimes now under review

The U.S. Department of Justice has just announced that it will be reviewing the validity of more than 2,000 convictions for federal crimes handed down between 1984 and 2000. Based on evidence provided by the Innocence Project and other criminal defense groups, a number of the convictions may have involved misleading testimony by FBI laboratory examiners. The cases to be reviewed include 27 death penalty convictions.

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