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Drug Charges Archives

Recent round of commutations to benefit 11 Floridians

Last week, President Obama exercised his pardon power to commute sentences for 42 nonviolent drug offenders, twelve of whom are from Florida. October first will reportedly be the last day in prison for 11 of the offenders, each of whom had been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison. Nine apparently had been sentenced to life in prison.

Looking at the Fourth Amendment rules regarding motor vehicle stops, P.1

In our last post, we looked briefly at a case currently before the United States Supreme Court. As we noted, the case raises the issue of what exactly qualifies as reasonable suspicion sufficient to justify a brief investigative (Terry) stop, and whether a defendant who has been subjected to an illegal Terry stop is entitled to have evidence obtained as a result of the stop excluded from trial.

Fourth Amendment issues at play in case currently before high court

The case involves a 2006 traffic stop in which a narcotics detective stopped a man who was seen leaving a house suspected for drug activity. At the time arrest was made, the officer had no reason to believe a crime had been committed, but he did discover during the stop that there was an outstanding warrant for the man’s arrest, searched him, and ultimately arrested him for possession of methamphetamine.

FL drug case dismissed after testing confirms defendant’s innocence

One of the goals of a criminal defense attorney is to make sure that a criminal case with inadequate evidence to support is dismissed either before it gets to trial or early on in the process. A doctor from Panama City who was arrested for possession of cocaine back in November was cleared of drug charges earlier this month, and his case provides a good example of how this kind of thing can play out.

Florida AG to support blanket ban of synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs have become a problem in recent years, not only from the standpoint of public health and safety, but also from the standpoint of criminal prosecution. Those who have followed the news regarding synthetic drugs in recent years know that prosecutors have trouble keeping up with the latest developments in the drugs, and in many cases must continually update laws banning synthetic drugs to ensure there is an adequate legal basis to support prosecution for new synthetic drugs coming out on the market.

2 indicted by Federal grand jury on federal drug charges

Two men from Charlotte County were recently arrested on drug charges. Federal agents suspect the two were functioning as distributors of methamphetamine throughout Charlotte County. When individuals in Florida are accused of federal drug charges, they typically consult a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending against these types of accusations.

Drugged driving as a potential issue with legalization of medical marijuana

Last time, we began speaking about current proposals for a statewide medical marijuana program, and the potential legal implications of medical marijuana use. One of the possible implications, as we mentioned, is that medical marijuana may put its users at greater risk of being targeted for drugged driving.

Florida lawmakers to consider medical marijuana program

Readers are aware that the law regarding marijuana is currently in a state of flux. While marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, states have been slowly shifting their positioning toward the drug by decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, decriminalizing recreational use of the drug, and implementing regulated medical marijuana programs.

When a police investigation turns illegal, consult an experienced criminal defense attorney

One of the topics we write about rather frequently on this blog is the importance of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney when one faces charges based on a questionable police investigation. This is a particularly important issue in cases involve drug offenses.

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