It Doesn't Take Much To Be A Sex Offender





The list could go on for thousands of words if we were to gather the insults hurled at convicted sex offenders or even suspected sex offenders. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal because they deserve it, right?

Wrong. And if you realized how close you are to being in their shoes you might think differently about the issue.

Your answers to these hypothetical questions can shed some light on it:

    • Did you ever have sex in a car as a teenager?
    • Have you ever opened an email attachment containing pornography or nudity?
    • Did you ever have a "one night stand" in college?
    • Have you ever downloaded music or video files via file sharing software?

    All of these actions expose good people to the possibility of sex crimes charges. One accidental download, one fling without checking ID or simply opening the wrong attachment can lead to charges such as statutory rape or possession of child pornography.

    In addition to harsh penalties such as prison time, sex offenders and accused sex offenders face the aforementioned public scorn, especially once they are named on the sex offender registry. That can make it hard to find a place to live, find a job and successfully function in society.

    We hope you never experience this. But, if you are ever accused of a sex crime, make sure you have an experienced attorney looking out for you.

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