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2 clinics shut down in South Florida insurance fraud bust

Miami Police shut down two local clinics last week, both of which have been accused of facilitating auto insurance fraud. Law enforcement officials went undercover in both clinics to gather evidence that led to charges.Auto insurance fraud is sometimes facilitated by...

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Florida outlaws 22 new synthetic drugs

The Florida Attorney General has released an emergency order widening the scope of Florida's laws against synthetic drugs. The order outlaws 22 chemicals found in these drugs, which have been widely available for legal sale in smoke shops, convenience stories and...

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Know your Fifth Amendment rights

People will commonly joke, "I plead the Fifth" when asked about something they would rather not discuss. The Fifth Amendment may have evolved into a punch line over time but its original purpose of protecting criminal rights remains serious and important.The Fifth...

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Supreme Court considers two Florida drug dog cases

The justices of the Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in two Florida cases concerning drug-sniffing dogs. The court's rulings could affect how the use of these dogs affects people's Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.The first...

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Medicare fraud crackdown nets 33 arrests in Miami

33 people in Miami are facing charges of Medicare fraud - including doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. A total of 91 people face charges in seven cities across the country. These arrests come as part of a nationwide crackdown by the Medicare...

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